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Aerostructure-IAe is a Directorate of  PT. Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero) peripatetic in the field of aircraft component & tooling products.

We have more than 25 years of experience and impressive capabilities in Aerostructure manufacturing, supported by high skills of man power, high precision manufacturing facilities such as : Sophisticated Machining, Sheet Metal, Welding Shop, Composite & Bonding Center, Jig and Tool Shop, Calibration, Testing Equipment and Quality Inspection, Maintenance, etc.

Our business are in the area of :
  • Aerostructure Components(Machine Parts, Sub-assembly, Assembly)
  • Engineering Packages (New & Development Aerostructure Component, Numerical Control Programming Manpower)
  • Tooling Design & Manufacturing
We also supply major aircraft industries for subcontract & offset programs such as Boeing, Airbus Industries, Bae System, Lokheed Martin, Korean Airlines Aerospace Division, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.


Aerostructure is equipped with complete capabilities and machine facilities, especially to design and manufacture aircraft component and tools, as described in below chart:


Our machining facilities are classified into 6 groups, namely:


  • A380 - Spirit AeroSystems
  • A320/A321 - Spirit AeroSystems
  • A350 - Spirit AeroSystems
  • CN235 - Airbus Military
  • C212-400 - Airbus Military
  • MK II - Eurocopter
  • GX Slat Skin - Short Brothers
  • B747-8 Raked Wing Tip - Korean Air
  • B747-8 Wing Tip Extension - Korean Air
  • B787 Leading Edge Skin - Korean Air
  • B777 Chords & Stringer - Korean Air