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PT Dirgantara Indonesia, also known as PTDI is one of the indigenous aerospace companies in Asia with core competences in aircraft design and development, aircraft structure manufacturing, aircraft production, and aircraft services for both civilian and military of light and medium aircraft.

Since established in 1976, as a state owned company in Bandung, Indonesia, PTDI has successfully developed and grown its capability as an aerospace industry.

In the field of aircraft manufacturing, PTDI has been producing various types of aircraft, such as CN235 for civil or military transport, Maritime Surveillance Aircraft, Maritime Patrol Aircraft and Coast Guard aircraft. In total, PTDI has delivered nearly 400 aircrafts to 50 operators worldwide.

Under strategic Collaboration Agreement with Airbus Defense & Space, Spain, PTDI developes and produces NC212i (the improved version of NC212-400), produces components of CN235 and CN295 to be exported to Airbus Defense & Space, and also performs Light Final Assembly and Delivery Center of CN295.

PTDI in collaboration with LAPAN has successfully established the N219 aircraft and made the maiden flight on 16 August 2017. N219 Nurtanio aircraft is a passenger aircraft which able to take 19 passengers, with two turboprop machines which refer to CASR Part 23. This aircraft has the ability to take off on a short and unpaved runway, so it can be the connectivity of inter-island, especially in Pioneer areas.

Besides fixed wing aircraft, PTDI also produces various types of helicopter such as NAS330 Puma, NAS332 C1 Super Puma, H215, H225M/H225, AS365/565, H125M/H125 under license from Airbus Helicopters, and Bell 412EPI under license from Bell Helicopter Textron Inc. (BHTI).

In aerostructure business, PTDI manufactures aircraft components, tools, and equipment for Airbus A320/321/330/350/380, for MKII and H225M/H225 of Airbus Helicopters, also for CN235 and CN295 of Airbus Defense & Space.

In engineering & development field, PTDI has technical capability in design, testing and certification of aircraft, flight simulator and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).

Finally, PTDI’s Aircraft Services Unit provides maintenance, overhaul, repair, alteration, and logistic support for CN235, NC212-100/200/400, NC212i, Bell412, BO-105, NAS 330 Puma, NAS332 Super Puma, B737-200/300/400/500.

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