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[Medium Class Helicopters]         The BELL 412EP is a medium size turbine powered helicopter using a 4-blade rotor system. The advanced rotor system design permits smooth and quiet operations with being able to fly at high speed.

The standard 412 is certified in accordance to FAA-FAR Part-29 Transport Category Rotorcraft, and it is qualified for day and night operation under visual flight conditions.

With cruising speed of 130 Knots and range of up to 402 NM, the BELL 412EP will be a desirable aircraft for transport mission providing a fast, reliable, efficient fuel consumption, and low direct operation cost. Thus, its purposes serve the design targets: High safety, Low Maintenance, High availability and Low Cost of Operation.

With more than 5,405 Pounds (2,452 Kilograms) internal use load capacity, a cabin with wide doors for easy loading, exceptional hot and high altitude operating characteristic, BELL 412EP is absolutely ideal for rough terrain operations and accessing remote areas.

  • Medium Sized Helicopter
  • 2 Pilots and 13 Passengers/Utilities
  • Can be equipped with Armoured Plate
  • Can be armed with two (2 ) 7.62 mm weapons
  • Wide doors for easy loading and unloading
  • Smooth and Quiet Operation to Fly at High Speed
  • Soft-In-Plane Flex-Beam Rotor System
  • Foldable 4-Bladed rotor with Composite Blades

The BELL 412EP helicopter has been designed for a wide range of applications as:

  • Personal Transportation
  • Search And Rescue
  • Offshore Operation
  • Medical Support/Ambulance Mission
  • Oil Industry Operations
  • Military Missions
  • Law Enforcement Operations

Hovering Ceiling(TOP)

Take-off Gross Weight : 11,900 Lbs
IGE Standard day : 10,200 ft
Standard Day + 20oC : 6,200 ft
Service Ceiling (OEI, 30 mnt power) : 7,600 ft
Max. Continous Cruise TAS (SL) : 122 Kts
Max. Continous Cruise TAS (5000 ft) : 124 Kts
Long Range Cruise Speed : 130 Kts
Range at LRC Speed, No Reserve (5000 ft) : 402 NM
Fuel Capacity (usable) : 330.5 Gal
Max. Endurance : 3.7 Hrs

Powered by PT6T-3D Twin Pac with 1,600 SHP each

Industrial & Commercial Agreement (ICA):

  • Joint Sales & Marketing for BELL 505, 406, 407, 429,412, 525
  • Customization for BELL 505, 406, 407, 429,412, 525
  • Production & Global Supply Chain for BELL 412 Series & BELL Huey II Component
  • Maintenance for BELL412 Series

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