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NC212i Maritime Surveillance Aircraft (MSA) dapat dilengkapi dengan peralatan khusus seperti: Search Radar, Forward Looking Infra Red (FLIR), Automatic Identification System (AIS), Data Link, bubble window, and hand held camera.

1.  Mengawasi Zona Ekonomi Eksklusif

          o Lalu lintas perairan

          o Anti penyelundupan & pembajakan

          o Kontrol imigrasi

2. Intelijen, Pengintaian & Pengawasan atau  Intelligence, Reconnaissance & Surveillance (ISR)

3.  Pencarian dan Penyelamatan atau Search and Rescue (SAR)

4.  Data transmisi ke pusat kendali dan Unit Terkait

  • New Generation of Avionic Systems that will enhance flight safety and reduce crew workload
  • The Biggest Payload in its class : 3 tons
  • The Largest Cabin Cross Section in its class
  • The biggest Cabin Volume (22.0 m3)
  • The Largest Seat Capacity (up to 28 seats)
  • Equipped with Ramp Door for easy loading and unloading
  • Capable Take-Off and Landing on unpaved runway

The Mission system will allow the crew to detect, classify identify and track surface targets in its range domain. It capable of operation in day & night, even under adverse weather conditions:

    a. Tactical Computer System provides the MSA with advanced integrated command control, which allows optimum use of sensors and equipment.

    b. Search Radar is Surveillance Radar with azimuth coverage up to 360o with detection and tracking capabilities of any coastal targets with range up to 120 nm.

    c. FLIR (Forward Looking Infra Red) with azimuth coverage up to 360o with detection, tracking and identification capabilities of targets within slant range of 12 km.

    d. AIS is a shipboard broadcast data link subsystem that acts like a transponder and provides general information regarding the ships (name, type, route, destination).

    e. Data Link has function for exchange data between aircraft and ground station or other fleet.


Max Take Off Weight : 8,100 kg
Max Landing Weight : 8,100 kg
Maximum Payload : 3,000 kg
Fuel Capacity : 1,560 kg
Under Wing Tanks(Optional) : @500 kg


Max. Cruise Speed (MTOW, ISA, 1,000ft) : 195 kts
Maximum Operating Altitude : 25,000 ft
Range with max. Payload of 3,000 kg : 207 NM
Range with max. Fuel with 2,060 kg payload : 806 NM
Range with under wing tanks (@500 Kg for each wing) with 1,560 Kg payload : 1,166 NM
Long Range Fuel Flow : 647 lb/hr
Take Off Distance (to 50 ft) (MTOW, ISA, SL) : 740 m
Landing Distance (from 50 ft) (MLW, ISA, SL) : 527 m
Endurance : 6 Hours; up to 8 hours with underwing tanks


Two Honeywell TPE-331-12JR-701C Turboprop engines with:  
> Maximum Continuous 970 SHP  
Two four-bladed Dowty Rotol type, constant speed propeller R334/4-82-F/13 with:  
> 1,591 rpm  
> 2.75 m (110 inch) in diameter  

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Kontak Kami

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