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Toughness of CN235-220 MPA and AS565 ASW MBe Panther Puspenerbal

Thursday (1/24/2019) PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) has officially handed over a unit of CN235-220 Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) and five AS565 ASW MBe Panther Helicopter to the Ministry of Defence to be operated by Navy Aviation Center (Puspenerbal).

CN235-220 MPA aircraft can be used for a variety of missions, such as border patrols and exclusive economic zones, as well as for search and rescue mission (SAR) support.

This aircraft has several advantages. Among others are, it can take-off on a short runway, even on an unpaved and grassy platform. CN235-220 MPA also equipped with winglet on the wingtip to make it more stable and more efficient in fuel matters, so it can fly for 10-11 hours.

The aircraft was manufactured with a glass cockpit avionics installed and autopilot system. CN235-220 MPA also features two consoles, 360 Search Radar that can detect small targets up to 200 NM, Automatic Identification System (AIS), an automatic tracking system to identify ships with suspicious objects.

The CN235-220 MPA also features an Identification Friend and Foe (IFF) Interrogator and Tactical Computer System. Both are categorized as identification systems that was designed to recognize another aircraft, whether it is friend or foe, integrated with a computer system and to analyze and determine the operating strategy.

The aircraft also equipped with Forward Looking InfraRed (FLIR) system to detect and classify targets and able to record situations around the flying area for mission evaluation.

Whilst the AS565 ASW MBe Panther, the result of industrial cooperation between PTDI and Airbus Helicopters, France. For the ASW integration phase, start from design to installation are PTDI’s part of work.

Apart from having collaboration with Airbus Helicopters, PTDI also cooperates with Rotorcraft Services Group (RSG) and L-3 Aerospace Systems. They carried out engineering collaboration and manufacturing engineering to produce this helicopter.

PTDI will do the installation of the latest variant of torpedoes and sonar on this type of helicopter, which is adjusted to the needs of Navy Aviation Center (Puspenerbal).

AS565 ASW MBe Panther is able to detect the presence of submarines, equipped with L-3 Ocean Systems DS-100 sonar Active Sonar (HELRAS) helicopter. Sonar HELRAS can operate optimally in shallow and deep sea areas.

HELRAS technology uses high-resolution, low-frequency Doppler systems and long wave ranges to determine the presence of submarines from a distance. Combined with the DS-100, the AS565 ASW MBe Panther was designed to be ideal for redetection, localize the target, and launch torpedo attacks in shallow and deep waters.



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