BJ Habibie is the inventor of the fractured theory of aircraft that was applied to prevent the plane from being destroyed during flight

Jakarta-In addition known as the third president of Indonesia, Bacharuddin Jusuf (BJ) Habibie is also familiar with the aviation world. Habibie is the character behind the rift theory of planes.
The theory he discovered in the decade of 60-an was his mind capable of perfecting the design of aircraft, especially the commercial aircraft in order , not have a body crack from the inside of the body panel in the aircraft that could The aircraft broke out in the air.

The theory is the answer of the deadlock for 40 years of commercial aviation history , starting in the 1920 's. The theory was recognised by European aviation institutions and was adopted in the latest commercial aircraft when It's like the A300 produced by Airbus from 1972 to 2006. Airbus is a consortium of aviation companies in the European countries, France, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Results of its performance in the field of aviation later he was a reinforcement in the national Aircraft project that was directed by PT Industri Pesawat Nurtanio (now PT Dirgantara Indonesia). Initially, the national Aircraft production intention was initiated by the Indonesian government in the Indonesian Air Show 1986 event and its design was introduced in the year 1989 in the Paris Air Show.

The aircraft, called the N-250 Gatotkaca, was a type of propeller plane with a pioneer flight route that had a capacity of 50-70 passengers. The project continued with the first Test of flying in 1995 at Husein Sastranegara Airport, Bandung. PT Dirgantara Indonesia then conducted a second flight trial with a plane N250 Krincing Wesi 1 year later. The aircraft has more passenger specs than Gatot Kaca.

However, the follow-up was cancelled as the domestic financial conditions were from 1998 to 1999, experiencing a monetary crisis. It made the dream of Habibie to sell the national aircraft must be dashes.

After 23 years of struggling to re-fly a domestic-made aircraft, Habibie's dream began to materialize through PT Regio Aviasi Industri, an aircraft industry company founded by his son, Ilham Habibie through aircraft products With a similar specification to N250 known as R-80.

The aircraft was subsequently used by several pioneer airlines, such as China's NAM Air, Kalstar Aviation, and TransAsia Airways.

The R-80 aircraft is capable of flying for 400-800 nautical miles (741-1482 km) with a cruising altitude reaching 17,500 feet.
Draft R-80 aircraft initiated by PT. Regio Aviasi Industri formed by son BJ. Habibie, Ilham Habibie. (Photo: GNFI)

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