PT. Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero)

PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Indonesian-aircraft Industries) produces various types of aircraft to fulfill the needs of civil airlines, military operators and specific missions. Through many years in aircraft design, PTDI has become proficient in and capable of designing new aircraft and changing the aircraft's system configuration and structure for specific mission purposes such as maritime patrol, surveillance and coast guard.

N219 Nurtanio

N219 Nurtanio will be the most suitable mode of transport to open isolated areas, improve people economy growth, and to maintain defense and security.

NC212 Family

The main program of PTDI in 1976 was to manufactured the under licensed NC212-200 from CASA, Spain. As many as 103 NC212-200s of civilian and military versions had been produced by PTDI.

CN235 Family

On October 17, 1979, IPTN and CASA (now Airbus Defence & Space) estabilished a new joint-venture company, Aircraft Technology (Airtech) to design the CN235. This new multi-purpose aircraft has a Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) capability at 800 meters rugged airstrips, ramp door for easy loading/unloading, and low cost maintenance characteristic.


CN295 is the trusted partner for military operations in remote areas and a rapid response aircraft for humanitarian missions. More than 95 aircrafts are in service, more than 130,000 flying hours in the most demanding environments around the world.

Under agreements with Airbus Helicopter and Bell Helicopter Textron, PTDI offers several helicopter products.


[Light Class Helicopters]                  As part of the Ecureuil family, the AS550 C3e Fennec is Airbus Helicopter 2-ton class solution for armed scouting requirements. The rotor system permits smooth and quiet operations with being able to fly at high speed. With the characteristic of easy to fly and easy to maintain everywhere, even in the most extreme and harsh conditions, this armed scouting helicopter delivers maximum safety and performance.

AS565 MBe

[Medium Class Helicopters]
AS565 MBe is the worldwide medium reference for naval, amphibious and land missions. With its superb performance, whether over the sea, hot and high, day and night, land based operations or even ship-borne operations, AS565 MBe is the ideal multi-mission, flexible asset.

Superpuma Family

[Heavy Class Helicopters]                  Six years after the estabilishment of IPTN in 1976, 11 helicopters under-licensed Puma NSA330s from French Sud-Aeronautique were produced and delivered to Indonesian Air Forces.


[Medium Class Helicopters]         The BELL 412EP is a medium size turbine powered helicopter using a 4-blade rotor system. The advanced rotor system design permits smooth and quiet operations with being able to fly at high speed.

PTDI has more than 40 years of experiences in:

  • Engineering work package for new product development, product testing and certification, reverse engineering development, etc.
  • Design and manufacture tools and jigs.
  • Detailed part manufacturing, metal forming/fabricated part, composite components, bonding components, etc.
  • Sub-assembly, major assembly, and final assembly.

PTDI is a well-known, reliable sub-contractor for Airbus Defence & Space, Airbus Helicopters, Bell Helicopter Textron Inc. (BHTI), Spirit Aero System UK, and KAI.

  • Final Assembly Line, Delivery Center, Aerostructure Package (horizontal and vertical tail plane, rear fuselage), customer support (Service Center and Computer Based Training) for CN295.
  • Delivery Center, Customization, and Customer Support for H225/H225M, H215, AS365/AS565, H125/H125M, H135/H135M, H145/H145M.
  • Production and commercialization for Super Puma AS332 C/C1/L/L1.
  • Produce tail boom and fuselage for MKII Super Puma/Cougar Family.
  • Produce tail boom, door assy, door post, pylon and ducts for BELL 412 series and BELL Huey II.


Supported by experienced specialists and skilled technicians with international standards, PTDI provides a full range of Aircraft Maintenance Services for:

PTDI Aircraft : CN235
Collaboration Aircraft  : CN295, NC212 Series, H225M/H225, H215, AS365/AS565, H215M/H215, H125M/H125, NAS332, Bell412EP/EPI, NBO-105.
Non PTDI Aircraft : Boeing 737-200/300/400/500, Cesna 172 series.
Component : Avionic (Navigation and Communication), dynamic component/gear box and airframe.

Aircraft spareparts distributor (Integrated Logistic Support).

PTDI Aircraft Services is regulated by a Quality Management System compliance with the regulation of Indonesian DGCA, CASR 145 (Aircraft Maintenance Organization), CASR 57 (Aeronautical Component Distributor), DOA (Design Organization Approval), ISO 9001 (AS/EN 9110 aircraft workshop / Requirements for Aviation Maintenance Organization).

In PTDI, After-Sales Service activities include:

  • Technical Support (Tech-advice, Tech-representatives, field service engineer).
  • Technical Publications (Documents & Manuals).
  • Training (Pilot and mechanic, Loadmaster).
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (aircraft and component).
  • Aircraft alteration, modifications & refurbishment (re-engine, TCAS/TAWS/FDR installation).
  • Interior refurbishment and beautification, as a part of routine inspection program (including re-painting).
  • Spare parts and logistic supply.
  • Airworthiness Directive and Service Bulletin (Such as Lap Joint B737-series).
  • Scheduled Inspection (C check, CPCP, annual inspection) and unscheduled inspection.

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